Aerial Perspective

Aerial Photography & Video
  1. Drone Photographed Sunsets
    Amazing Sunsets Captured
  2. Sunset over the Neighborhood
    Sunset over the Neighborhood

Demo of Aerial Photography

Montaged Moments will create lasting memories with professional aerial video/photography of your Wedding. We take pride in capturing those memories and adding what we have captured to your photography to create a montage of memories.

Aerial Photography

Click on videos below to view what beauty we can capture for you...

  1. Sunset captured over VOA Park
  2. Sunset Captured
  3. Lake Forest Thanksgiving 2016

"​​because every picture tells a story...."
​$ 350.00
 ( includes 1-10 still pictures and 3
min Video )​

We help realtors with aerial video and pictures of their properties for their clients. We will take 1-10 still pictures of different positions and angels for the property. Also will do aerial video too. ( Maximum time spent: 25 min.)

​for Aerial
Photography & Video

​$ 350.00
 ( includes 1-10 Still pictures and 3 min. video )
Montaged Moments will take aerial pictures of your property that you are
 assessing to help determine what the damage and cost wil be in replacing the roof.
(Maximum time: 25 min.)

( includes 1-15 still pictures & 3 min video)
Montage Moments will come to your customers
landscape sight and do aerial photography & Still Photos of the job.

​$ 500.00
( includes 1 hours of video & pictures )
​​Montaged Moments will meet you at the event and do aerial photography and video of the entire event.  We offer 2.7 K resolution in both photos and video.
 ( Maximum time: 1 hour )